Sustainability Development Framework.

Sustainable mining practices is core to our operations at Chowgule’s Karadikolla Iron Ore Mine.

Committed to acquiring essential certifications such as QMS ISO-9001, EMC ISO-14001, OHSAS ISO-18001, we seek to have a measured impact on the finite natural resources.

Environment Management Plan (EMP):

Our mining lease is 103.68 ha, 100% forest land. We have developed tree plantations over an area of about 18.08 ha of valuable mining area,

with its own nursery to support regular supply of saplings. Over the last 10 years, over 45,000 no. s saplings have been planted. The mining lease lies in a hilly terrain.

To prevent soil erosion, contain dumps from being washed away by rains, we have been carrying out regular environmental protection works. This includes constructing several Check Dams, Silt Settling Tanks, Gully Plugs, Garland Drains, Toe Walls, Geo-mat covered on dump slopes etc,...

The protective measures provided/constructed to arrest silt are given below:

Sl. No. Type of protective measure Nos./Length/Area
1 Retaining Wall (RW) 1,909m
2 Dry Wall (DW) 1,167m
3 Gabion wall (GW) 190m
4 Geo-coir mat area covered 14.588 Ha.
5 Silt settling tanks (SST) 5 no.s
5 Silt settling tanks (SST) 5 no.s
6 Stone masonry check dam(SMCD) 3 no.s
7 Loose boulder check dam (LBCD) 36 no.s
8 Gabion check dam (GCD) 1 no.
9 Log wood check dam (LWCD) 1 no.
10 Earthen check dam (ECD) 1 no. 115m
11 Peripheral bund (PB) 100m
12 Hurdles of rubble (HR) 13 no.s
13 Gulley plugs 255 no.s
14 Garland drain 3,578m
15 Afforestation on dump area 45,000no.s (14.588 Ha.)

We have initiated steps to re-charge ground water through rainwater harvesting methods.

The water stored in the harvesting pits is being used for applications such as dust suppression, and greenbelt development.

Scientific Mining:

We have always laid emphasis on scientific mining, safety, afforestation and environment protection.

Our culture and philosophy of utmost regard and respect to the various statutes and rules of mining, has held us in good stead.

Contribution to Society:

We ensure that our contribution to society is valuable to the society.

From construction of roads, road maintenance, providing street light, support for village cultural activity, drinking water supply, bed sheets to Hospital at Hospet,

Ambulance during COVID, support to health workers, development of Forest Guest House, Furniture to School, de-silting, construction of staircase to temple, and contribution to developmental work by the Government is indirectly giving back to the society.

Photographs of environmental protective measures & CSR work carried out