Our Story
1916 - 1926


25th of October, 1916 marked the birth of the founder of the modern day Chowgule group, Vishwasrao Chowgule. Thus began a journey that would make history.


1927 - 1936


Seizing an opportunity to make a mark in the global arena, the company started exporting bamboo and trading in Mangalore tiles. A small beginning, these enterprises were the sole businesses of the family at the time.


1937 - 1946


Vishwasrao wanted to expand the range of products an average Goan had access to. Thus, he started his first venture, acting as the local distributor for imported products like Ronson lighters, Kienzle clocks, Chrysler cars, Marvin, Rolex and Tudor wrist watches, Dodge trucks, etc. In 1943, the Chowgules supported the construction of a library in Goa. This was one of the first community projects undertaken by the family.


1947 - 1956


Anticipating the spike in demand of iron ore, especially from Japan after WWII, Vishwasrao geared up to meet the rising demand. 'You finance our development and we will give you iron ore', the famous Chowgule formula was arrived at in partnership with Japanese collaborators. This laid the foundations for the mining business which is a cornerstone of the Group's operations today.


1957 - 1966


After Goa's liberation, there was a rising demand for a Marathi newspaper from the Marathi-speaking locals. Thus, Vishwasrao started the first Marathi newspaper in Goa called the 'Gomantak'. Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science and Chowgule Steamships Ltd. were other ventures started at this time.


1967 - 1976


With know-how from Czechoslovakia, Arlem Breweries was established to cater to the growing demand for liquor in Goa


1977 - 1986


Arlem Breweries kicked off the famous Arlem Cricket Tournament in Goa, in which leading cricketers came to Goa to participate. In fact, most of India's 1983 world cup winning squad played in the trophy earlier that year. Parallelly, Chowgule Industries was established as a trading company.


1987 - 1996


This decade witnessed the addition of various ships to the Chowgule fleet, ranging in size from the Maratha Providence (40,000 tonnes) to the Maratha Mission (75,000 tonnes).


1997 - 2006


Chowgule's Shipbuilding division displayed tremendous commitment to quality by winning an order from Europe for 26 vessels, which they executed over the course of only 3 years. It was the first private shipyard in India to bag a prestigious European order. The Chowgules built Asia's first AstroTurf football pitch, where the Indian Football Team practices even today.


2007 - 2016


The Group diversified further, opening ventures in various sectors like Ports, Ship Repair, Material Handling, and Construction Chemicals. At the same time, the Group founded Spandan Eco Foundation, located in the Western Ghats, to showcase sustainable farming techniques to visitors and also to support the training and nutrition of local athletes.


2017 - 2020


With the last 100 years having been a remarkable journey, the Group now seeks to evolve and take forward its legacy into the century to come.




At the crossroads of exponential growth, the Chowgule Group restructures to better focus on businesses that are true to its core strengths. The flagship company, Chowgule & Co. Pvt. Ltd., manages the verticals of Mining, Pellets, Salt, Shipbuilding and Education.