As pioneers in exploiting the inland waterways in Goa, the Shipbuilding Division of Chowgule & Company Private Limited created waves in utilization of the rivers for the development of the economy. From a early as 1951, as builders, operators and repairers of large river fleets and with the experience and expertise to build a gamut of maritime vessels, ranging from ore-carrying barges, grab and suction dredgers and deep-sea fishing trawlers to tugs, pontoons, launches, hopper barges and coastal vessels, the yard has pioneered construction of all types of ocean going vessels up to 7000 DWT. Since then the company has built over 177 different vessels at its two shipyards. Today, we have highly specialized operations in shipbuilding with a focus on export vessels for European markets and the PSU shipyards for Indian Navy and Coast Guard fleet.

Our facilities include
  • Two Shipyards - one at Loutulim and the other at Rassaim, located at a distance of 7 k.m. from each other
  • Plate preparation and Pipe bending Plant at Gadegally
  • Covered shed for hull block fabrication
  • Covered shed for manufacturing of cargo hatch covers
  • Three Goliath Cranes (two at Loutulim Shipyard & one at Rassaim shipyard) each of 60 Tons capacity
  • Two tower cranes, one each at the two shipyards.
  • Training of Yard officers for modern shipbuilding methodology.